Protect your SIM from unauthorised use

Setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your SIM stops others from using it when it's switched off or been taken out of your device.  

Combining your PIN with the security settings on your phone, you're on your way to making your phone and account more secure.

How it works

  1. You'll need to switch on the PIN request so it's required when you switch on your device. For instructions go to our online user manuals and search for 'PIN', or check the user guide that came with your device
  2. Changing your PIN to one of your own choice makes it easier to remember and harder to guess
  3. Your PIN needs to be between four and eight digits long
  4. If you've changed your PIN but can't remember it, read on to find out how to reset it

New SIM?

  • The preset PIN code is '0000', so give this a try if you're using a new SIM

Getting your PUK code

If you can't remember your PIN, you can reset it using your PUK code which you can get from us.

Call 1300 650 410 to get your PUK, or find it in My Vodafone:

Step 1

Register for, or log in to, My Vodafone.

Step 2

Click 'Account Settings'.

Step 3

From the 'Account' section, select 'Get PUK Code'.

Step 4

Your PUK code is the eight-digit number listed under 'Mobile Information'.

Resetting your PIN

Step 1

Once you've entered the PIN incorrectly 3 times, you'll be asked for your PUK code.

Step 2

Enter your PUK code when prompted, and you'll be asked to choose a new PIN code.

Step 3

Enter your new PIN (it needs to be between four and eight digits long).

Important info

  • Take care to enter your PUK code correctly. If it's entered 10 times incorrectly, your SIM card will be blocked, and you'll need to organise a replacement SIM

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