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APN settings explained

APN (Access Point Name) settings are used by your phone, tablet or modem to connect to the internet, and send/receive PXT messages, over the Vodafone mobile network. Below you’ll find APN, WAP and PXT/MMS settings for your phone.


There are three places on the Vodafone website that can show you where, and how, to use APN settings
  • Interactive user guides – our interactive user guides cater to most of our phones and tablets
  • Support pages - The internet setup and PXT setup articles explain the setup process
  • Mobile configurator – the mobile configurator contains internet, WAP and PXT settings for a wide range of phones. It will either give you step-by-step instructions or send the settings to your phone via TXT
If we don’t have instructions for your device, check the device manufacturer’s support page

Are you using Android?

You can quickly reset your APN to our network.

  1. Find the APN settings page (check your user guide if you're not sure how to get there)
  2. Using the physical menu/options button on your phone, or by tapping the 'three dots' icon in the top/bottom lef/right-hand corner of the APN screen, you should be given the option to 'Reset to default' - tap it
  3. After resetting, check to see if your phone's fixed. If not, try manually entering the below PXT/APN settings

APN settings

Internet settings for smartphones

APN live.vodafone.com
MCC 505
MNC 03
APN Type default

Note: Your phone may not require the MCC, MNC or APN Type 

Internet settings for WAP-based phones (i.e. non-smartphones)

Name    VF WAP
APN live.vodafone.com
Port 8080

Note: Your phone may not require the MCC, MNC or APN Type 

PXT/MMS settings

Name Vodafone AU-MMS
APN live.vodafone.com
MMSC http://pxt.vodafone.net.au/pxtsend
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 8080
MCC 505
MNC 03
APN type mms

Note: Your phone may not require the MCC, MNC or APN Type 

Internet settings for tablets, Pocket WiFi and USB modems

APN live.vodafone.com

Did you know?

If your phone is using the wrong APN, we'll automatically send settings to you when you try use the internet or send a PXT. See our support article for more info.

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