Checking your balance is quick and easy

You can check your prepaid and postpaid balance directly from:

Your phone

  1. 1512

    Call or TXT '1512' from your Vodafone mobile (no charge) to receive your balance summary. The message can be blank, but some phones might need you to enter a full-stop or a space to get the message through

  2. My Vodafone app

    If you're using an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows phone, install the My Vodafone App to check your balance and manage your account.

  3. My Vodafone mobile site

    The My Vodafone mobile site is optimised to work with any phone. Just go to in your phone's web browser.

Your computer

  1. My Vodafone

    Register for or log in to My Vodafone to check your account balance. Learn more about My Vodafone

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