Why's there an Early Termination Fee on my bill?

You'll see this on your bill if you’ve cancelled a contract for your plan or add-on before its commitment end date. It's normally triggered if you:

  • arrange for us to cancel your plan or add-on before its contract ended; or
  • port your number to another carrier before the contract ended; or
  • upgrade on a new contract before your original contract ended

How’s the fee calculated?

On most of our plans it’s calculated by multiplying 100% of your monthly plan fee by the number of full months left in your contract.

Say you were on a $49 Plan and cancelled the contract 7 months before it ended, the fee would be calculated like this:

User-added image

There are a couple of exceptions to this calculation rule so check our terms and conditions page to get the right info for your plan. If you signed up after 22 February 2013, another good place to get plan info is the Critical Information Summary page.

Still confused?

If you need any help calculating or have any questions about the fee, please contact us - we'd love to have a chat!

What’s it look like on the bill?

You’ll find it in the ‘This bill’ section of your invoice below the ‘In addition to your plan’ heading.

Early termination fee

Important info

The Early Termination Fee doesn't include amounts owing under a Mobile Payment Plan (MPP). If you have a MPP, it's often paid out at the same time as an Early Termination Fee but will be itemised separately. Find out about Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) charges on your bill.

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