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From 2.00PM AEST on 20 August 2014, HTC will roll out a quick maintenance release software update for the One X. The update provides some system enhancements.
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Things to do before you update

  1. Make sure your phone has a good charge, or plug it into power
  2. Back up any important info before updating, just in case

How do I install the update?

  • This update is available using HTC’s Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) update platform, either via Wi-Fi or over 3G

Updating via FOTA

You can check for updates on your phone by going to Settings then About PhoneSoftware Updates, and finally Check Now.
  • Follow our PDF guide for further instructions. Although this guide mentions the HTC Desire HD, the process is the same
  • The update is approximately 13.32MB

What are the techy details?

Android version: 4.2.2
HTC sense version: 5.0
Software version: 4.19.862.6
Kernel version: 3.1.10-g517147e root@abm005#1 SMP PREEMPT
Baseband version: 5.1204.170.31
Build number: 4.19.862.6 CL244600 release-keys

If you need help

Our Technical Support teams are here to help should you experience any problems or do not feel comfortable in performing the update yourself. They can be reached by contacting us, or join the conversation in the Vodafone Community forums.

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