Unlock your modem

You can get the unlock code for your modem from our unlocking tool. If you need additional software to unlock it, you'll find it on this page.

Here's how to unlock

Step 1

Have you got your unlocking code? If not, get it from vodafone.com.au/unlock before running the unlocking software.


  • Make sure you follow the instructions included with your unlock code carefully. This process has the potential to block your device if the code is not entered correctly.

Step 2

Download the unlocking software:

Windows Huawei
  • K3520
  • K3565
  • K3715
  • K3765
  • K3771
  • K4511
  • K4605
  • K5150
  • K4606
Huawei unlocking software for Windows
  • K3571-Z
ZTE unlocking software for Windows
Mac Huawei Can be unlocked on Mac through Terminal. Detailed instructions are provided with your unlock code.
  • K3571-Z
ZTE Unlocking software for Mac

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