What do I need to know about data charging?

Not all providers charge the same way for data use so if you’d like to know how we do things at Vodafone, check out the info below.

  • 1 kB charging - On all of our current recharges and add-ons (excluding the Prepaid Pay As You Go recharge), internet usage is deducted from your included data in 1kb increments. If you're on an older plan or add-on, check My Vodafone for plan info. On the Prepaid Pay As You Go recharge, data is charged at 2c per MB, charged in 512kB increments
  • Downloads and uploads - We count both downloads (data you receive) and uploads (data you send) towards your data usage. Find out more about uploads and downloads
  • Tethering - We don’t charge any differently for tethered data – it still comes out of the data allowance of your plan, recharge or add-on
  • International roaming - If you’re billed monthly, by default roaming data is excluded from your plan and is charged at our Pay-As-You-Go rates. If you’re on an eligible plan, you can opt in to $5 Roaming which lets you use your plan’s data inclusions in selected countries for $5 a day. If you’re on a prepaid phone recharge, roaming data gets deducted from your credit at our Pay-As-You-Go rates

What happens if I use up my data allowance?

If you’re billed monthly

  • Further data use gets charged at your plan’s excess data rate until the end of your bill cycle. Check your plan for rates
  • Excess data is excluded from plans so is an extra charge on your next bill
  • If you continually find yourself in need of more data, look at adding a Data Add-on for more each month
If you’re prepaid
  • If you’re on a Prepaid Combo or Cap, you’ll need to buy a Data Add-on or recharge your account to keep using data
  • If you’re on any other prepaid phone recharge, excess data is charged at your additional data rate (check the recharge you’re on for rates) and gets taken from your credit. If you need some extra data you can also buy a Data Add-on
  • If you’re on prepaid mobile broadband, you’ll need to recharge your service to keep using the internet

More info

There's no minimum balance needed to start a data session on prepaid. Provided you've got some data left, you'll be able to access the internet until it's used up.

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