Playground is the place to go for feature phone content, but there's plenty available for smartphones as well.

Playground will recognise the phone you're using, and tailors content to your phone.

How do I access Playground?

Just open your phone’s web browser and head to live.vodafone.com. If you're reading this from your phone, go to live.vodafone.com now.


Once you're in:
Tap the menu iconTap 'shop'Tap 'Vodafone Customers'Tap 'Games, music and tones'You're there!
Central smartphone 1Central smartphone 2Central smartphone 3Central smartphone 4Central smartphone 5


Depending on what's compatible with the phone you're using, you'll find games, apps, tones, tracks and wallpapers to purchase and download directly from your phone.


Central on feature phones


Feature phones


You'll find games, apps, tones, tracks, background and videos to purchase and download directly from your phone.

Quick links to the things you need

You can use Playground to purchase a Data Add-on, Talk International pack, opt-in to Red Roaming or even recharge your prepaid service. Just select the link from the homepage.

Content Purchases through Playground

  • Purchases made through Playground are billed as Content Purchases directly to your Vodafone account. These services are provided by third party companies, find out more about Content Purchases
  • Content purchases through Playground are not available to Prepaid Combo, Cap or Flexi Cap customers.

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