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If you've got a replacement SIM card, you can get your Vodafone mobile number connected to it by calling 1300 788 055.

Make sure you have the following information before you call:

  • Your mobile number
  • Your 4 digit account PIN
  • Last 10 digits of your new SIM number.

Your new SIM number is listed on your SIM. Look for a 20 digit number that starts with '89610...'.

It'll take around 30 minutes for your SIM to be active from the time your request is submitted, but in some cases it can take between 2 to 24 hours. You’ll know your new SIM is active when you lose service on your old SIM. When this happens, simply put your new SIM in the device, and you'll be up and running once it's activated at our end.

Having trouble reading your SIM number?

There's a couple of ways around it:
  • Take a photo with your phone, and zoom in to get a clearer view of the digits
  • If you've got a barcode scanner app installed on your phone, scan the barcode on the SIM. The number will be shown on your screen in larger, easier to read text

Important info

  • These instructions are for activating a replacement SIM for an existing service. If you're just received a new SIM for your new connection, find out how to activate your new Vodafone service
  • A Prepaid SIM starter pack can’t be used as replacement SIM for your existing service. If you've bought one for this purpose, find out how to get a blank replacement SIM card instead
  • If you have contacts stored on your old SIM, they won’t be available when the SIM is replaced. Here's how to back them up
  • If you're a corporate customer you can activate one or multiple SIMs by calling 1300734696

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