Extra data to get you through the month

If you're on one of our older plans, adding a one-off Data Booster to your monthly billed plan gives you an extra 1GB of data to see you through to your next bill cycle.

They’re a one-off purchase. Any unused data expires at the end of the billing cycle in which you add it, so they're great if you just need a temporary boost for the month. If find you're continually going over each month, you'll probably be better off with one of our recurring Data Add-ons or consider changing plans.

On one of our latest phone plans?

Data Boosters aren’t available on our latest plans – instead we’ll automatically bolt-on additional data when you use more than you get with your plan. Interested in switching to one of our current plans? Check out our support page to find out how.

What it costs

  • Boosters cost $10 for 1GB. Detailed info and pricing is available when adding them through My Vodafone
  • You can buy as many boosters as you need and can have more than one connected at the same time
  • If you use up your booster data (and any other data inclusions), the additional data rate of your plan will apply

How to do it

Step 1

Go to www.myvodafone.com.au and log in with your mobile number and password.

Step 2

Select ‘View and buy add-ons’ from the Quick Links section. If you’re logged in using a computer or tablet, you’ll see this on the right of the screen. If you’re using your phone, you’ll need to scroll down the page.

Note: You can also get to your add-ons by going to 'Account Settings' and then selecting 'Manage Add-ons'.

Step 3

If requested, enter your 4 digit account enquiry PIN.

Step 4

Select ‘Add Data'.

Note: If you’ve previously added extra data to your plan either with a Data Add-on or Data Booster, you’ll need to select the ‘Change or remove add-on’ button in the data section.

Step 5

Select 'I just need extra data now' and then select 'Continue'.

Step 6

Read through the info for the booster. If you agree to the terms and conditions, tick the box and then select ‘Buy now’.

You’ll receive a message when you’re right to start using your booster.

Important info

  • If you use up your included data and begin to incur excess usage charges, these will still apply once a booster is added. The data allocated by purchasing a booster can only be used after it's been added
  • You can check your remaining booster balance online through My Vodafone or by calling 1512. If Vodafone Alerts are enabled for your plan, we'll also send you a TXT if you use up all your booster
  • Data Boosters are for use within Australia (or while roaming with $5 Roaming)
  • If you’re on prepaid, Data Boosters aren’t available but you can buy a Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-on to get more data

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