Keeping your voicemail secure

When you first start using voicemail, you'll need to set up a security code. This code can be changed, at any time, using the below guide.

What's the code for?

Your security code helps keep your messages private, so we'll ask you for it when you:

What it costs

There's no charge to change your code, but charges apply for calls to 121 or 0414 121 121 for voicemail. Check your plan info for call rate details.

Change your code

Step 1

Depending on how it's currently set up, you might need the current security code before you begin.

If you're:

Calling from your mobile Call '121'. If you're asked for your code, you'll need to enter it before you can change things.
Calling from an alternate phone Call '0414 121 121' and press 'User-added image' to transfer to your voicemail. You'll need your current code.
Don't know your code? If you're asked for your code but don't know it, or you've locked your voicemail, get in touch and we'll reset it for you.

Step 2

Any new and saved messages will be played first, then you'll be taken to the main menu.

Step 3

Press ‘3’ for personal preferences.

Step 4

Press ‘2’ for security code preferences.

Step 5

Press ‘1’ to change your security code.

Step 6

Type in your new 4-10 digit code. If you're setting up a new code, you can't use:

  • Sequential numbers (e.g. 12345)
  • Repeated numbers (e.g. 11111)

Step 7

Your new code will be read back to you:

Happy with it? Press '1' to save
Made a mistake? Press '2' to re-enter

When you're all done, you can hang up.

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