Don’t like your plan? Change to a better one online

If your current plan doesn't fit your usage anymore you can change it using My Vodafone. Head to our website to check out what plans are available. Once you've picked one, follow the steps below:

Want a new phone with that plan?

You can check if you’re eligible for an upgrade and order online by logging into the online store with your mobile number and My Vodafone password. If you just want to switch plans, follow the steps below.

How to do it

Step 1

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Note: The My Vodafone website and app will auto log you in when you're connected to the internet through Vodafone. If you're trying to change plans on a different account, try this link instead.

Step 2

Click ‘Account settings’.Here's how to get there with: 

My Vodafone App

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Phone browser

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Tablet or computer

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Step 3

Select 'Change plan' from the 'Account' menu and enter your PIN if requested

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Step 4

You’ll now see details about the plan you’re on. Click the 'Compare plans’ button at the bottom of the page to see what’s available and scroll through the plans to find the one you’re after.

  • If you've found the plan you want, click the ‘Change to this plan’ button
  • If you'd prefer to compare the plan to your current one first, click ‘Compare with my plan’

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Step 5

If you’ve got add-ons, you’ll see details on the next page

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Step 6

On the next page you’ll see details of your new plan and any costs associated with the plan change.To complete the plan change, check the box to agree to the term and conditions and then click ‘Change to this plan’.

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What it costs

If you’re on a month-to-month plan, plan changes are free. If you’re in a 12 or 24 month contract, it's normally free provided you’re moving to another contract plan that's of equal or higher value. If there’s a cost we’ll let you know about it before you hit submit.

Vodafone Shared

Online plan changes aren't available for Shared Plans, but we can give you a hand with it. Get in touch, or head in store (find your nearest). To remain on Vodafone Shared, you'll need to:

Some stuff you should know

  • Although you’ll be able to start using your new plan as soon as your receive the confirmation TXT, we'll only start charging you for it from the start of your next bill cycle
  • You can switch plans once per billing cycle
  • If you've previously moved to a more expensive plan than what you started your contract on and now want to move back down, the system may generate a fee. Rather than submitting the request online, get in touch and we’ll make the change for you
  • Switching between contract plans doesn't cause the contract to start again. We'll automatically transfer the remaining term of your agreement
  • When you change your plan to a higher one you’ll still be committed to the plan amount that you agreed to when you signed up to the contract. This means that your mobile phone repayments won’t change if you move to a higher plan, but it also means that you can go back to the original amount you used to pay on your old plan
  • You can choose from any of our current plans to switch over to. If you are changing from an older plan, you won't be able to switch back to it at a later stage
  • If you're on Data Workout, the Data Workout period will end when the plan change is complete
  • Have you thought about adding an add-on instead of changing plans? We’ve got add-ons for data, Voicemail and international calls
  • It’s worthwhile reviewing a few previous bills to make sure the plan you’re moving to will suit your needs

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