How much data have I used?

You can use the My Vodafone website or app to check how much data you’ve got left and get a breakdown of your daily usage. Click the button below to check now.

Check data usage

Help with My Vodafone

Step 1

Log into your account at or through the My Vodafone app (iOS and Android).  

Note: We’ll automatically log you in when you're connected to Vodafone internet. If you're trying to check usage on a different account, try this link instead.

Step 2

Check the figures on the 'My Usage' page to see how much data is left in your plan inclusions and add-ons.

Step 3

If you're billed monthly

  • For info on your daily data usage for the current billing period, click the View data usage button below the usage dials. You'll see a Daily Breakdown section on the data usage page
  • You can also get daily data, calls, and TXT info for the last 3 billing periods by clicking All usage from the 'My Usage' page

Vodafone Shared

  • You'll first see the total usage for the account, but you can select the usage you're interested in and scroll to the right to see the usage generated by your own number for the month
  • Account holders can see the usage details for each individual service on the account. Just scroll across to the right again and enter your account enquiry PIN, and you'll be able to scroll through the usage for each number on the account

If you're on prepaid

  • To check your daily usage, click the View all usage or Voice & text details button

More info

  • Most data usage in My Vodafone shows up within 18 hours, but if you’re roaming overseas it might take up to 72 hours
  • If you’re on a eligible monthly-billed plan, we can let you know when you’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data. See 'Managing Vodafone Alerts' for more info
  • If you're on a monthly-billed plan, you'll also find data usage info on your bill

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