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How much data have I used?

The My Vodafone site lets you know how much data you’ve got left and gives a breakdown of your usage over time.

If you’re an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone user you can also check your balance through the My Vodafone app.

Checking your data balance

Step 1

Register for, or log in to your My Vodafone account.

Step 2

The My Usage page will load and you'll see the included data from your plan, recharge or add-on.

Checking data usage records

Step 1

After logging in to My Vodafone, select ‘More’ from the top right corner of the My Usage homepage and then select ‘Usage Details’.

Step 2

Select the period that you want to view usage for and click ‘Show’.

Your data usage records are the ones with ‘PKT’ for the usage type.

Step 3

If you want to export your usage to a CSV file, press the ‘Download’ button.

You can open CSV files in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

Are you billed monthly?

  • Your account balance isn’t updated in real time so should only be used as a guide. Most data usage appears within 18 hours, but if you’re roaming overseas it may take up to 72 hours
  • If you’re seeing data usage records of approximately 102400KB (100MB) and want to know why this is, check our support article
  • If you’re on a compatible plan, we can let you know when you’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data. See managing Vodafone Alerts for more info

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