Check your prepaid mobile broadband balance and expiry date

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How much data have I got left?

You can find out how much data you’ve got and its expiry period by logging in to the My Vodafone website or the My Vodafone app. You can also check your balance by calling us or by sending a free TXT from your mobile broadband device.

Ways to get your balance

My Vodafone

Your data balance and expiry period will automatically appear on screen once you’ve logged in to your My Vodafone account through the web browser of your computer, tablet or phone.

My Vodafone app

If you’re using an iPad or Android tablet, the My Vodafone app is nice easy way to log in and keep track of your account.

You can also use the app on an iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

Send a TXT to 1512

If the SIM for your prepaid mobile broadband account is in a device that can send and receive TXT (eg. Pocket WiFi or USB modem), you can send a free TXT (use any character so the TXT is not blank) to 1512 to get your balance. See these support articles for help:

Pocket WiFi

USB Modem

Call 1300 650 410

You can also get your balance and expiry date over the phone if you call 1300 650 410.

You’ll need to know your mobile broadband number and your 4 digit enquiry PIN to get your balance this way.

Important info

  • If you're using a device that's got a built-in data counter and are using it to track your usage, it's important to remember that this is only an estimate of your usage so may not be 100% accurate. Use the methods above to get the most up-to-date info
  • Some devices like the iPad can't TXT so you won't be able to use the 1512 service

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