Get your Wi-Fi devices connected to the web

The Pocket WiFi lets you connect Wi-Fi capable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, PCs and gaming consoles to the internet by wirelessly sharing a single mobile broadband connection. Find out what you need to get your devices connected.


Just getting started?

If you’ve just got yourself a Pocket WiFi and it’s the first time you’ve used it, check out our ‘Getting started’ guide.

Find the network name and password

Where do I find the network name and password?

You’ll need to know what your Pocket WiFi network is called and its password so you can connect your devices. The steps to find these things differ a bit between Pocket WiFi models so check below for the one you’re using.

Pocket WiFi and Pocket WiFi 2

If you haven’t changed the network name and password, you’ll find them printed inside the back cover of your Pocket WiFi:

  • Your network name is labelled as 'SSID'
  • Your password is labelled as 'WIFI KEY'

Pocket WiFi

Note:  If you’ve changed your Wi-Fi password/network key and forgotten it, restoring your Pocket WiFi to its factory settings will change it back to the one printed inside the cover.

Pocket WiFi Pro

With the Pocket WiFi Pro on, double tap the power button and the password will appear on the screen.

If you’re still using the default password that came with the device, you’ll also find it written on the reminder card that was in the packaging or on the inside of the device by removing the back cover and battery.

Pocket WiFi Pro

Pocket WiFi Extreme

With the Pocket WiFi Extreme on, double tap the power button and the password will appear on the screen.

The default network name (SSID) and secure network key are also engraved on the back of the device.

Pocket WiFi Extreme

Pocket WiFi 4G

With the device on, press the menu button and then select info. The password will appear on the screen.

The default network name (SSID) and network key are also on a label under the battery.

Pocket WiFi 4G

How to connect devices

Step 1

Make sure your Pocket WiFi is on. If it isn’t, hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

The screen on the front will light up and display the Vodafone logo. It’ll then go through its start-up sequence, connecting to the mobile network and starting Wi-Fi. Allow up to 90 seconds for all this to happen.

Step 2

Check the Pocket WiFi screen and make sure you see ‘Voda AU’, ‘Vodafone AU’ or Vodafone AU R’ as this indicates you’ve got service.  The coverage bars on the top left of the screen show how strong the mobile network signal is.

Step 3

Search for available Wi-Fi networks on the device you’re connecting.

If you're connecting a phone or tablet you bought from us, check our interactive user guides for Wi-Fi instructions. If you're connecting a Windows or Mac computer, try these links:

Step 4

Select the network name (SSID) for the Pocket WiFi from the list.

Step 5

If your device asks for a network security setting, select ‘WPA’ if using the Pocket WiFi or ‘WPA2’ if you’re using the Pocket WiFi Pro, Extreme or 4G. These are the default security settings that the device comes with.

Step 6

Enter your Pocket WiFi's network password/key in the password field.

Step 7

Your device should now be connected and ready for use. You can repeat steps 3 to 8 connect additional devices if needed.

When you’ve finished using your Pocket WiFi, press and hold the power button until the display clears to switch it off.

Important info

You can connect a max of 5 devices to the Pocket WiFi or Pocket WiFi Pro and up to 10 to the Pocket WiFi Extreme or 4G.

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