Finding your prepaid mobile broadband number

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What’s my service number?

Your mobile broadband service has its own mobile number, just like the one for your mobile phone. Although you don’t use if for calls, you’ll need it to manage your account online with My Vodafone. Quoting it when you contact us helps us find your account a bit quicker too.

How to get it

Check your SIM starter pack

If you still have the pack that your SIM card came in, check it to see if the mobile number is listed.

If your pack has an activation code, your mobile number would have been supplied when you activated the service.

Send yourself a TXT

Most prepaid mobile broadband recharges include an allocation of TXT. By sending a TXT from your mobile broadband device to your phone, you can retrieve the message and identify the number it’s been sent from.

If the device you’re using can’t send TXT (eg. iPad), you can take the SIM out, put it in a compatible phone and send a TXT from there.  If you’re using a Pocket WiFi or USB modem, try these links for instructions.

Pocket WiFi

USB Modem

Get in touch

If you can’t find your number using the methods above, get in touch and we’ll help you find it.

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