Getting your PUK code

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Unblock your SIM with your PUK

The PUK code is a number unique to your SIM card. It’s used to prevent unauthorised use of your account, and keep your SIM details safe. You’ll be asked for your PUK if you enter your security PIN 3 times incorrectly (in a row). 

If you don’t have your PUK code, you can get it online through My Vodafone, or by giving us a call.

Get your PUK

Step 1

Register for, or log in to, My Vodafone.

Step 2

Select ‘Account Settings’ from the top right-hand corner of the 'My Usage' homepage.

Step 3

Select ‘Get PUK Code’ from the 'Account' menu.

Step 4

Find your PUK under ‘Mobile Information’.

Entering your PUK

Step 1

Enter your PUK into your phone when asked.

Step 2

You’ll be asked to enter a PIN code, twice.

It needs to be between 4 and 8 digits.

Not prompted for your PUK on your Motorola or Sagem?

You'll need to enter your PUK with this sequence:

* * 05 * [PUK] * [NEW PIN] * [NEW PIN] #

(star star zero five star PUK star NEW PIN star NEW PIN hash)

Important info

You’ve got 10 attempts to enter your PUK correctly, so please be careful. After 10 wrong attempts, your SIM will be 'broken' and can never be used again. You’ll need to get a replacement. Don't worry, though, your phone number is safe.

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