Recharging your prepaid mobile broadband service

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It’s easy to top-up your data

You can add more data to your account whenever you need it by recharging online, over the phone or in store.

What’s it cost?

You can choose from a number of recharge options with varying amounts of included data and different expiry periods.

Things you need to recharge

  • Mobile/service number - just like your phone, your mobile broadband account has its own number. While it’s not used for calls, it is used to top up your account and to log in to My Vodafone. Check out our support article if you’re not sure what it is
  • My Vodafone password – if you’re recharging through My Vodafone, you’ll also need your password to log in. Check out our support article if you’ve forgotten it

Ways you can recharge

Credit card

You can recharge with a credit card using the Express Recharge site, by logging in to My Vodafone or through the My Vodafone app on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

You can also register a credit card to your prepaid account so you don’t have to enter all of your card details every time you recharge. This also gives you the option to top up with your credit card by calling 1300 650 410 (you’ll also need your 4 digit account PIN).

Auto recharge with a credit card

If you’ve registered your credit card, you can set up an auto recharge so you don’t need to remember to top-up your account.

You can choose to recharge every 20, 28, 30 or 60 days, on a specific day each month or when your low on data.

Recharge voucher

You can purchase a recharge voucher from over 20,000 outlets across Australia including supermarkets, newsagents, service stations, convenience stores and Vodafone stores.

Once you’ve bought your voucher you can log in to My Vodafone to top up your account or call us on 1300 650 410 and follow the prompts (you’ll also need your 4 digit account PIN). Check out our support article for more info.

Instant recharge in store

If you want to recharge in person and on the spot, head into a Vodafone store and one our friendly staff will help you out.

Note: some of our old iPad recharge offers aren’t available if you top up this way.

Important info

  • If you’ve run out of data, you’ll still be able to access the My Vodafone website to top up
  • If you recharge before your data expires, it’ll roll over to your new expiry period (up to a maximum of 25GB)
  • We only accept Australian issued VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards. If your credit card was issued overseas, you can still use it to buy recharge vouchers or do an instant recharge at a Vodafone store

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