How to register a credit card for prepaid services

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Recharge from anywhere, any time

You can express recharge without registering your credit card, but registering does have benefits:

  • Access to increased recharge limits
  • No need to enter your credit card number in full every time you recharge
  • Set up an auto recharge to take the hassle out of remembering
  • You can recharge over the phone by calling 1511


Skip to the instructions for registering a credit card if you want to get started right away:

Recharge limits

To help protect against fraudulent use, we limit the amount you're able to recharge with your credit card. There are a few different limits.

When you first register your card online or over the phone, you'll be on level 3. To change your level, you'll need to satisfy certain criteria.

Level Daily limit Monthly limit
Express Recharge $100 $100
3 $150 $200
2 $150 $400
1 $200 $800

Changing your recharge limit  

You can change your limit by:

  • Contacting customer care: With a demonstrated need, and a history of successful recharges over the last three months, you can move up 1 level at a time
  • Going in store: You'll be asked to present photo ID along with your credit card. As we're able to confirm your identity in person, you can choose from any any of the recharge limit levels
You can add up to 5 additional mobile numbers for recharge with your credit card, the recharge limit applies to your credit card rather than each individual service.  You can still use recharge vouchers on top of the credit card limits.

Register your credit card online

Step 1

Register for, or log in to, My Vodafone.

Step 2

Select ‘Prepaid Options’ from the top right section of the My Usage homepage

Step 3

Select 'More Prepaid Options'.

Step 4

Select 'Manage credit card' from the 'Manage your account' section.

Step 5

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

Register and recharge with the My Vodafone app

Step 1

Download and open the My Vodafone app.

Step 2

Tap Recharge then Recharge using a credit card.

Step 3

You'll then be asked to choose your recharge and input your credit card details (or choose a previously registered card).

Register your credit card over the phone

Step 1

Call 1511 from your mobile.

Step 2

Press 2 to recharge with a credit card.

Step 3

If you don't already have a credit card registered, you’ll be asked to register it first.

Step 4

Follow the prompts to complete the registration, and then recharge.

Important information

  • When you register your credit card, a $1 pre-authorisation will be placed on your card, this will be automatically refunded within 3-5 working days
  • Need to register a credit card in someone else's name?  You can, but both you and the credit card holder will need to visit a Vodafone store to do so
  • You can top up with an Australian issued VISA, MasterCard or AMEX card. For overseas issued cards, you can use them to buy recharge vouchers or do an instant recharge at a Vodafone store

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