Send more than just words with a PXT

PXT is a really easy way to send a picture, sound, video, animation or text to another phone or email address. They're also known as MMS or multimedia messages.

If you're used to sending TXT messages, sending a PXT is pretty similar. We've got instructions for a wide range of phones.

What does sending PXT cost?

Rates to send within Australia vary according to plan. Check your plan details for more information.

Find out how to send a PXT

Step 1

Visit our interactive user guides, and use the drop-down menu to select your phone.

If required, select the operating system your phone uses.

Step 2

Type ‘picture message’ into the search box and press the 'Search' button.

Interactive user guides search for picture message

Step 3

Click on the ‘Write and send picture messages’ link from the search results to view instructions for your device.

Step 4

Follow the instructions to send your PXT.

NOTE: If your phone is PXT capable but isn't listed, refer to the general instructions below to send your PXT.

General instructions for sending PXT

Step 1

Select an image, sound file or animation on your phone.

Step 2

Select ‘options’ and choose 'send'.

Step 3

Select ‘via MMS’, ‘via multimedia’ or 'message', depending on your device.

Step 4

Select a recipient from your phone’s contacts or enter their mobile number or email address.

Step 5

Write a message if you want to add text to your PXT.

Step 6

Select ‘send’ to send your PXT.

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