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Send a picture with your message

PXT is a picture message, also known as an MMS (multimedia messaging service) message. PXT lets you send and receive messages containing images, sound files, animations and text between MMS capable phones.

What does sending PXT cost?

Rates for sending PXT from within Australia vary according to plan. Check your plan for more information.

Sending or receiving PXT while roaming overseas will incur additional charges (charged at the roaming data rate for your plan). Roaming data is charged by data volume, so the exact charge will be dependent on the size of the message you are sending or receiving.

How it works

  1. You can send a PXT message in a similar way to sending a TXT, but in addition to text content you can include an image, sound, animation or Video in your message
  2. Your message can be sent to a mobile number or email address

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Visit our interactive user guides.

Step 2

Use the drop-down menu to help find your phone.
If required, select the operating system your phone uses.

Step 3

Type ‘picture message’ into the search box and press the 'Search' button.

User-added image

Step 4

Click on the ‘Write and send picture messages’ link from the search results to view instructions for your device.

Step 5

Follow the instructions to send your PXT.

NOTE: If your phone is PXT capable but isn't listed, refer to the general instructions below to send your PXT.

General instructions for sending PXT

Step 1

Select an image, sound file or animation on your phone.

Step 2

Select ‘options’ and choose 'send'.

Step 3

Select ‘via MMS’, ‘via multimedia’ or 'message', depending on your device.

Step 4

Select a recipient from your phone’s contacts or enter their mobile number or email address.

Step 5

Write a message if you want to add text to your PXT.

Step 6

Select ‘send’ to send your PXT.

Important information

  • You may need to set up your phone before you can send a PXT. You can do this with our mobile phone configurator
  • Your phone needs to be MMS capable and a Vodafone approved mobile device to send PXT
  • Some recipient’s phones may not be capable of receiving PXT. See our PXT troubleshooting guide for more information
  • If sending internationally, Vodafone New Zealand subscribers will receive your Video PXT directly. A TXT notification to download the Video PXT from PXT World will be sent to other overseas recipients, a TXT agreement with the network provider you're sending to must be in place for this to work reliably

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