How to set up a Voicemail extended absence greeting

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Record an alternate greeting for your Voicemail while you're away

An extended absence greeting can be switched on if you are away for an extended period of time, or choose not to take messages. The extended absence greeting is recorded separately from your usual Voicemail greeting, allowing you to easily switch back to your usual greeting on your return.

How much it costs

Calls to ‘121’ and ‘0414 121 121’ are charged. Please see your plan information for call rate details.

If you are postpaid, you can get an Infinite Voicemail Add-on for unlimited calls to your Voicemail within Australia for a flat monthly fee.

How it works

  1. Switch on your extended absence greeting before you go away
  2. With the extended absence greeting switched on, callers will hear your alternate greeting
  3. You have the option of allowing callers to leave a message or not
  4. Remove your extended absence greeting when you return, and your usual personalised greeting will be restored

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Dial '121' for Voicemail.

Step 2

Once in Main Menu, press ‘3’ for Personal Preferences.

Step 3

Press ‘1’ for greeting or name.

Step 4

Press ‘3’ for extended absence greeting.

Step 5

Press ‘1’ to record greeting.

Step 6

Record greeting then press ‘#’.

Step 7

Press '2' to save.

Step 8

You will need to select at this point whether callers will be able to leave a message.

Important information

  • Your unheard Voicemail messages will expire after 7 days. If you choose to allow messages to be left, remember to check your Voicemail regularly to ensure you don’t miss any.

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