How to turn data access off or on

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Manage your phone’s access to the internet

Managing data access to the mobile network is useful for stopping accidental data usage and ensuring that the internet is only accessed from your phone when you need it. If you need to manage your phone’s access to data services, you can usually do this through the phone’s settings.

How it works

  1. Many phones have the ability to turn data access on or off
  2. With data deactivated your phone’s applications won’t be able to access the internet

Find instructions for your phone

Step 1

Visit our interactive user guides.

Step 2

Use the drop-down box to select the manufacturer of your phone.

Step 3

Click on the image of your phone model. If your phone isn’t listed, check your phone manufacturer’s support page to see if a user manual or instructions are available.

Step 4

If required, select the operating system your phone uses.

Step 5

Type ‘data’ into the search box and press the 'Search' button.

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Step 6

Click on the ‘Activate or deactivate data connections’ link from the search results to view instructions for your device.

Important information

  • Deactivating data access will affect your ability to send and receive PXT. Some phones may not provide you with a notification if a PXT sent to you is waiting to be downloaded
  • If you don’t want to access data and your phone doesn’t have a feature to turn it off, Vodafone Customer Care can place a network bar on your data service at your request, just contact us

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