Choose when you want to use data overseas

Most phones give you the option to turn access to data while roaming on and off, allowing you to control when your phone is able to access data while you're overseas.

Why is this important?

Unless you're using $5 Roaming, your roaming data charges are higher than within Australia, and excluded from monthly billed plans. So they can add up pretty quickly.

Many phones will use data in the background without you even noticing.  So even if you're not planning on actively using data, it's a good idea to make sure it's switched off if you're worried about costs.

Similarly if you’re using Wi-Fi overseas and the signal drops, your phone can switch back to a mobile network without you noticing. Turning data roaming off stops this from happening.

Most phones also disable roaming data by default. So if you do want to use it, you'll often need to go in and enable it first.

Find instructions for your phone

Step 1

Visit our interactive user guides.

Step 2

Select the make and model of your phone.

Step 3

Use the search box provided and search the term 'data'.

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Step 4

If the option is available, you’ll see a link titled ‘Turn data roaming on or off', click it to view instructions.

Important information

  • If your phone model isn’t in our user guides, contact your handset's manufacturer to find out if it's available as an option, and for instructions
  • Even with roaming data switched off, your phone will be able to connect to Wi-Fi which is often a more cost effective way of accessing data while overseas
  • With data roaming switched off, your phone won't be able to send and receive PXT/MMS while roaming

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