CSV download temporarily unavailable

The option to download your bill and usage to a CSV file is not currently available.

We're working on reinstating this feature, and plan to have it back soon.

Itemised usage on you bill

You might have noticed your bill includes itemised records for calls, but only a daily summary of your TXT, PXT and data usage. If you’d like to view itemised records of this usage as well, you can download the CSV copy of your usage details from My Vodafone.

How it works

  1. The PDF copy of your bill is not fully itemised, but there's more detail about your usage in the CSV copy of your bill
  2. The CSV file presents your itemised usage in a raw data format. This allows you to manipulate and analyse your usage in any way you need to (filtering for calls and messages to a particular number for example)
  3. CSV files can be opened by most spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers. Open Office and Google Docs are two examples of free applications that you can use to open a CSV copy of your bill
  4. Find out more about CSV files in our page on how to open a CSV file

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Register for, or log in to, My Vodafone.

Step 2

Click the 'Bills & Payments' subheading.

Step 3

You'll see your three most recent bills on the screen. If you want an earlier bill, click the 'View More' link below them, until you find the bill you need.

You'll be able to get your 13 most recent bills.

Step 4

Click the excel icon to download an itemised CSV copy of the bill.

Excel icon for CSV download

Step 5

The file will downloaded to your default download folder, or chosen location.

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