What is liquid ingression?

It’s damage caused to a device by liquid entering it. Water and other liquids don’t go well with the sensitive elements inside devices – they cause things to short-circuit and corrode which leads to the device malfunctioning.

How does it happen?

It’s not just caused by something obvious like dropping your phone in water. Things like sweat from exercising, using it with wet hands, wet hair, in the rain and even humidity (eg. steam from the shower, tropical climates) can lead to water entering the device.

The damage isn’t always evident immediately after it’s come in contact with liquid either – it can take days, weeks, even months to affect performance.

How is it detected?

In most cases, the device's liquid ingression indicators will show that it’s come into contact with liquid, by turning from white to pink. These indicators are visible through an external check and are usually located on the phone's battery, battery cradle or inside the headphone jack.


For some devices, our technicians can detect traces of liquid ingression on any of its internal components by taking a magnified photo. If your device has been sent for warranty repair and is deemed to have liquid ingression, you can request the photo from our service centre team.

Can it be repaired under warranty?

Usually the answer is no as most manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover damage caused by liquid ingression.
Some devices with water resistance and water proofing do cover it, but only in specific circumstances where a manufacturing issue has caused the damage. If you’re unsure what’s covered by your warranty, check with the manufacturer.

Can I pay Vodafone to fix it?

Most liquid damaged devices can’t be economically repaired as the issue usually affects multiple device parts. There are also no guarantees that repairs would actually fix the issue short or long term. However, there are a few options for getting a new or replacement device:

  • Pay for a swap – depending on the type of phone you’ve got, you may be able pay to swap it with a replacement device. Some of our stores even carry replacement stock for certain models and can swap it on the spot
  • Insurance claim – if you’ve got Vodafone Cover me Mobile Insurance and the issue was caused by an identifiable event, you may be able to make a claim
  • Upgrade – if you’re on a plan, find out if you’re eligible to upgrade
  • Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) – if you’re on a plan, an MPP lets you pay off the full cost of a device in monthly instalments. Check out our support page for more info

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