Liquid ingression

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What does liquid ingression mean?

Dropping your phone in water is just the beginning. There are many other causes of liquid ingression that you may not be aware of. The information below will provide you with an insight in to what happens to your phone when it is exposed to the smallest amounts of moisture.

What is it?

Liquid ingression is not always immediately evident. In some cases, a device can perform without any problems even though liquid ingression may be present in the device. This could be because the liquid, whilst inside the device, may not have spread to a point where it is able to corrode sensitive internal elements. Liquid ingression can take days, weeks, even months to affect the performance of a device.

How is it detected?

This can be detected in different ways depending on the device.

In most cases, the device's liquid ingression indicator shows that the phone has come into contact with liquid by turning from white to pink. These indicators are visible through an external check and are usually located on the phone's battery, battery cradle or inside the headphone jack.



For some devices our technicians can detect traces of liquid ingression on any of a device's internal components, and they will take a magnified photo. If your device has been deemed to have liquid ingression, you can request the photo from our service centre team.

What causes it?

In most cases, liquid ingression is caused by a device being in direct or indirect contact with some form of liquid. Using your electronic device with wet hands, wet hair, in the rain or keeping it in places like the bathroom etc., can cause liquid ingression in the handset. Also, in some case, humidity can cause liquid ingression.

Can it be repaired?

In most cases, the device cannot be repaired. In some cases, the liquid ingression may be on a component that can be replaced. If it can be replaced our team will advise you of this as well as the cost to repair. This is because all cases of liquid ingression are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Post repair, if your device has performance issues later down the track that can be attributed to earlier liquid ingression, repairs will not be covered by a warranty. We only offer a 90-day warranty on the work that was performed by our technicians. If the component that had liquid ingression fails, or becomes faulty, and the cause is not due to physical damage or liquid ingression, it may be covered under the 90-day workmanship warranty.

Important information

  • We work within the framework stipulated by the device manufacturers. Additionally, we are unable to guarantee any work performed to fix liquid ingression will resolve the issue in the short or long term. That is why we do not repair devices affected by liquid ingression that have been deemed Beyond Economical Repair. Please contact us to discuss the options that are available to you, or see one of our sales representatives in store.
  • The warranty conditions as set by the manufacturer of a device may void warranty repairs in cases where there is any evidence of liquid ingression - even though the two may appear to be unrelated. Therefore we recommend taking great care to prevent your handset from getting any form of moisture inside

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