Stopping unauthorised use of your service

If you lose your phone, tablet or modem, contact us as soon as possible. We can bar your SIM card to stop any unauthorised usage charges racking up on your account. We can also block the device’s IMEI to stop anyone from using it with another SIM.

Before calling to report a missing device

You might want to try locating it by:
  • Calling it – a friendly passer by might find it, or you might even hear it ringing yourself
  • Tracking it – most smartphones and tablets have inbuilt features that let you remotely track their location on a map. See our support page for more info
  • Lost property  – if you think you left it in a public place like a cafe or train station, check with the staff to see if it’s been handed in
  • Police – check with your local police station to see if it’s been handed in

Can't find it?

If you still can't find your device then call us on:
  • 1300 650 410 or 1800 638 638
  • +61 426 320 000  from overseas

Do you have Vodafone Cover me Mobile insurance?

You'll need to contact us to have your service barred, and notify the police to obtain a crime reference number or police report details within 48 hours. Find out more about making an insurance claim.

More info

  • You may be liable for charges caused by unauthorised use of your account so contact us as soon as possible so we can bar your service
  • Before we're able to block or unblock an IMEI, we'll need to confirm you own the device
  • When your service and IMEI have been blocked, your phone will only be able to call emergency services (000 and 112)
  • Blocking the IMEI won’t stop the phone from being used outside of Australia with a non-Australian SIM card
  • If someone tries to make a call from an IMEI blocked phone, they’ll hear a recording advising that call barring is active on the phone
  • IMEI blocking can take up to 24 hours to take effect across all Australian networks. There may also be delay when unblocking a device
  • GlobalStar devices can’t be IMEI blocked
  • Barring your service doesn’t terminate your existing contract. If you find your device, get in touch and we’ll remove the block. If you don’t recover it, you can obtain a replacement SIM card to use with another device from a Vodafone store

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