Vodafone Mobile TV is no longer available

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What’s happening with Mobile TV?

From the 15th of June 2013, the Mobile TV service on Vodafone Central will no longer be available. If you’ve been using it you’ve probably already received a TXT to explain, but here’s a bit more detail for you.


What if I'm paid up until after the 15th of June?

We’ll be automatically refunding the last month of your subscription.  Your subscription will be cancelled, so you won't be charged for Mobile TV again once the service has stopped.


What other services could I use instead?

There are plenty of great alternate video streaming and download services available.  Many of them have dedicated apps for access, so the app store for your phone would be a good starting point for options.  Here's a few to check out:

The data used by these alternate streaming and download services comes out of your included data, and video can use quite a lot of it.  If you need more, you can bump up your included data with one of our data add-ons:

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