Unlock your phone on our website

You can use the unlocking tool on our website to unlock devices supplied by Vodafone Australia, Crazy John's and 3 Mobile Australia.


Important information

  • If you bought your device from a different provider (including Vodafone or 3 overseas), you’ll need to contact them directly for assistance.

Did you buy your phone with a monthly billed account?

It might not actually be locked:
If you bought your phone...Then...
Between 1st August 2013 and nowYour device isn't locked
Before 1st August 2013

Your device might be locked, but there's no charge to unlock it. Go to our unlocking tool to get started.

Are you using an Apple device?

iPadWe don't lock iPads, so there's nothing more to do
iPhoneBought between April 2013 and nowYour iPhone would have been unlocked during activation, so there's nothing more you need to do.
Bought prior to April 2013Your iPhone might be locked, but a simple backup and restore will fix it, run through the instructions here.

A charge will apply to unlock a prepaid device

If you bought your device bundled with a prepaid service and it's locked, it'll cost to unlock it:

I’ve had my phone for…I’m unlocking it…
Through customer careThrough the website (unlocking tool)
Less than 6 months$100$75
More than 6 months$50$25

You can pay with an Australian issued VISA, MasterCard or American Express so you won’t be able to pay with credit cards that have been issued in other countries. 

How to unlock your phone

Head over to our unlocking tool get your unlock code and instructions.


  • Attempting to unlock some devices incorrectly can block the device. If this happens, you may need to send your device away for repair. Read through the detailed instructions supplied with your unlock code carefully before you start.

Having difficulty?

There’s help available, check out our troubleshooting guide for help with some of the more common issues.

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