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Unlock your phone on our website

Do you want to use your Vodafone mobile with another carriers SIM? It may need to be unlocked first.

You can use the unlocking tool on our website to unlock phones supplied by Vodafone Australia.  If you’re trying to unlock a phone from another network, you'd need to contact the provider who supplied the phone for help.

Is my phone locked?

If you try to use a SIM from another network, you’ll see a message such as 'SIM card is locked' 'insert correct SIM card' or 'invalid SIM'.  The unlocking tool will also tell you whether your phone is locked when you enter your IMEI (the serial number for your phone).

How to unlock your phone

You can unlock your phone using the handset unlocking tool.

You’ll get detailed instructions when you go to unlock your phone.  Read through them to make sure you know what you’re doing  before you start.  If you need it we're here to help.

There might be a cost

The phone’s packaging will tell you if a charge applies.  This'll also show when you unlock your phone online:

I’ve had my phone for… I’m unlocking it…
Through customer care With the unlocking tool
Less than 6 months $100 $75
More than 6 months $50 $25

You can pay with an Australian or New Zealand issued VISA, MasterCard or AMEX card or an internationally issued AMEX card.

Unlocking an iPhone?

There's no need to use the unlocking tool and there's no charge to unlock.  Check out our instructions here, or Nick runs you through the process in our video:

Having issues?

There’s help available, check out our troubleshooting guide for details.

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