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Tracking your order is easy

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your new phone or tablet. To make things easy, we’ve created one tracking tool for everyone.

How to track your order

Visit our online tracking tool and enter your order reference number.

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What's my order reference number?

Depending on how you ordered, your reference number will look a little different. It's given to you at the time of, or shortly after, making your order.


How did you make your order? Tracking Number style
On the internet



VF-xxxxxxxxx ('VF' +9 digits)
UPxxxxxxxxx ('UP' +9 digits)
On the phone

Personal -

Business and corporate -

SR1-xxxxxxxxxxx ('SR1-' +11 digits) or
1-xxxxxxxxxxx ('1-' +11 digits)

Seven to eight digits
In store 1-xxxxxxxxxxx ('1-' +11 digits)

I don't have my order reference number

Not to worry! Contact us and we'll help you to track your order.

Important information

  • Listed order reference numbers are examples only and can vary in practice
  • If you need to track a repair order, please use the repair tracking tool

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