Manage your account online whenever you want

Registering for My Vodafone means you can manage your Vodafone account from anywhere. You can use it do things like keep track of your usage, change account settings, pay your bill or recharge, buy add-ons and lots more.

It's free

There's no charge to sign up or use My Vodafone.

How to register

Step 1

Note: The My Vodafone website and app will auto log you in when you're connected to the internet through Vodafone. If you’ve been auto logged in, click the registration link in step 2 instead.

Step 2

  • If you’re using your web browser, click the link to Register for My Vodafone
  • If you’re using the My Vodafone app, tap ‘Register

Note: The registration page doesn't work on iPads. If you're trying to register an iPad mobile broadband service, check out our support page for some workarounds.

Step 3

Enter the mobile number you’re registering and click ‘Next’.

A temporary password will be sent in a TXT. The temporary password expires after 24 hours so make sure you finish registering in the same day.

Note: If you’re a mobile broadband customer, you can get the TXT in your dashboard software. If you're not sure how, check out our guides for the Pocket WiFi, tablets and USB modem on PC or Mac.

Step 4

Enter your temporary password and click ‘Next’.

Note: There might be a full stop at the end of your temporary password. This isn't part of the password (just the end of the sentence) so leave it off.

Step 5

Fill in all the info required for registration and make sure you set up a secret question in case you need to use the 'forgotten password' feature in the future.

Step 6

If you agree to the terms and conditions, tick the box and click ’Register’.

Important info

  • You don't need to set up individual My Vodafone logins if you have more than one number on your Vodafone account. You can use one login and switch between the different services. When necessary, you'll be asked for the account PIN for the individual services
  • The My Vodafone mobile website and My Vodafone app can automatically log you in without you needing to register or enter a password. Check out our support page for more info

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