Skype on Vodafone is no longer available

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What’s happening with Skype on Vodafone 

From the 23rd of May 2013, Skype on Vodafone will no longer be available.  If you’ve been using it  you’ve probably already received a TXT to explain, but here’s a bit more detail for you.

What will happen to my pack?

  • Skype on Vodafone pack – We’ll automatically cancel your pack on the 23rd of May, and refund the cost of the subscription for the last month.
  • Other packs with Skype on Vodafone included – Your pack won't be cancelled, you'll continue have access to all the other benefits of the pack.

What will happen to the app?

After the 23rd of May, you can remove the Skype on Vodafone app.  It will no longer work, so you can free up the space on your phone.

If you still want to use Skype, you can!

The official Skype app is available for a wide range of phones, and you’ll be able to use your existing Skype account.  Go to for details.

Data used by the official Skype app will come out of your included data.  If you need more, Data Add-ons are available:

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