Small. Easy to set up. PC and Mac.

Our USB modem is perfect for internet access on the move. Keep connected with your company VPN and emails by day, and catch-up TV and Facebook by night.

Take a look at the range of modems we have available.

What it costs

Light or heavy usage, contract or prepaid, there's a range of options to choose from.

Check out our Mobile Broadband plans and recharge options to find an option to best suits your needs.

How it works

  1. To get started, just slip your SIM in the modem, the modem in your device, and follow the instructions to install
  2. Once installed, you'll be able to get online wherever Vodafone coverage is available with a single click
  3. To check your usage, jump on to My Vodafone anytime

Important information

  • If you'd rather keep your USB port free or your device doesn't have one, check out our Pocket WiFi for wireless connection to compatible devices
  • The USB Modem can be used on multiple computers, but just be aware that the 'View Usage' function in the software will not collate data usage across multiple devices. You can still use My Vodafone to keep an eye on your overall usage.
  • Software updates can be downloaded from our website
  • Find out more, or get help with your mobile broadband service on our mobile broadband help and support page

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