The Vodafone USB Modem

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Plug and play for mobile internet access

The USB Modem is a simple solution for mobile internet users, who want portability and an easy way to get online, on the go. Similar in appearance to a typical USB flash drive, the USB Modem plugs directly into your PC or Mac desktop, laptop or netbook.

What it costs

There are many options when connecting a USB Modem with Vodafone, making it the perfect option for everyone from the occasional user through to heavy internet users. There are options for 12 or 24 month contracts providing greater value, month-to-month allowing greater flexibility, and prepaid, which is perfect for casual internet users and greater control over your spend. See our Mobile Broadband plan page for more details.

How it works

  1. A Vodafone USB Modem connects a compatible device to the Vodafone 3G mobile broadband network
  2. Once you have inserted an active Vodafone prepaid or postpaid SIM card into the USB Modem, you simply insert the modem into a USB port on your device
  3. The installation process will begin automatically, and is especially easy with our Classic USB Modem with Vodafone QuickStart™
  4. Your modem will automatically establish a connection to Vodafone when you're within our 3G mobile broadband zone
  5. The modem will set itself up on your device so later connections are plug and play
  6. With a USB Modem, you can stay in touch with your emails, connect to your company's private network, and surf the net on the go

See the range of modems available.

Important information

  • To use the USB Modem you need a device with a standard USB port available
  • If the device you want to connect to the Vodafone 3G network doesn't have a USB port but is WiFi capable, our Pocket WiFi™ may suit your needs
  • The USB Modem can be used on multiple computers, however the 'View Usage' function in the Vodafone Mobile Connect software will not collate data usage across multiple devices
  • In Vodafone mobile broadband zones, typical download speeds range from 300Kbps to 3Mbps (burst speeds up to 6Mbps can be experienced in major metropolitan areas)
  • The latest approved Vodafone Mobile Connect software for Windows® and Mac OS® are available from our website for your convenience
  • Vodafone mobile broadband is completely mobile, meaning it can be used while on a moving bus or train for example
  • You can quickly and easily find the answers you need by viewing our online support portal

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