Unlock your iPhone with a simple backup and restore

If you've bought an iPhone through Vodafone Australia, Crazy John’s or 3 Mobile Australia, you can unlock it through iTunes without needing to contact us or go through our website first. The steps below take you through the process.

What does it cost

There's no charge to unlock an iPhone.

How to tell if your iPhone is locked

Bought between April 2013 and now Your iPhone would have been unlocked during the activation process, you won't need to follow these steps.
Bought prior to April 2013

Your iPhone may be locked, if so it'll show 'Invalid SIM' or 'SOS only' in the top-left corner of the screen.

You can unlock it with a backup and restore, read on for instructions.

Before you get started

  • We'd suggest you download the current version of iTunes from Apple before backing up and restoring
  • The process can take quite a few minutes, so try to find a time when it's okay to be without your iPhone for a while
  • Follow the steps carefully to ensure everything is backed up, just in case things don't go quite to plan

Unlocking step-by-step guide

Our video takes you through the process:

More detailed instructions can be found on the Apple website, which is linked in the steps below.

Step 1 - Backup your iPhone

Make sure you back up everything to iTunes:

Step 2 - Restore your iPhone

Restore your iPhone back to its original settings:

If you're warned about purchases which haven't been transferred, run through these instructions first:

Step 3 - Restore your backup

Restore your backed up content to your iPhone, instructions are at the bottom of this Apple page:

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