Manage your mobile broadband service on Windows 8

With the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app you can connect to the web, manage your usage and spend, access your bills or balance, receive usage notifications and find help and support.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband app

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Minimum operating system requirements

  • Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT with the latest Windows Updates
  • An active Windows Store account

What devices can I use the app with?

  • Windows 8 devices with an embedded SIM card slot
  • Windows RT devices with an embedded SIM card slot
  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband modems from the list below. To see what modem you’ve got, look on the back of it or under the sliding cover
Vodafone K3770 Vodafone K4201 Vodafone K5005 Vodafone K3770-Z Vodafone K4505-Z
Vodafone K3771 Vodafone K4505 Vodafone K5150 Vodafone K3772-Z Vodafone K4510-Z
Vodafone K3772 Vodafone K4510 Vodafone K4606 Vodafone K3805-Z Vodafone K5006-Z
Vodafone K3806 Vodafone K4511 Vodafone K3570-Z Vodafone K3806-Z Vodafone K5008-Z
Vodafone K4305 Vodafone K4605 Vodafone K3571-Z Vodafone K4201-Z  

Installing the app

Step 1

Most devices need the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software from your USB modem to be installed before the app will work. If you don’t have the software, follow these steps to install it:

  1. Plug the USB modem into your PC's USB port
  2. Go to your PC desktop view and look for the 'new software detected' notification
  3. Click on this and follow the instructions to start the setup program
  4. If prompted, follow the instructions to install the '.NET Framework’ (needed to run the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software). This is a large install, so it's best to connect to a Wi-Fi or fixed broadband line before downloading
  5. Once the '.NET Framework' has downloaded, continue installing the mobile broadband software

Step 2

Launch the software. It should automatically connect you to the internet but if it doesn’t, click ‘Connect’.

Step 3

Once your modem has established an internet connection, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app will auto-install from the Windows Store.

You’ll see a popup message advising Vodafone Mobile Broadband was installed and you’ll see a Vodafone Mobile Broadband tile on your Start screen.  The tile shows whether or not your mobile broadband is connected and whether you have any new messages.

Using the app for the first time

Step 1

To open the app, click on the Vodafone Mobile Broadband tile.

Desktop tile

Step 2

You’ll see an end-user licence agreement screen. Read this and select Accept if you agree and wish to use the app.


Step 3

The default home screen will display basic information such as the connection status and data usage. If you’re not already connected to the internet, click on Not Connected.


Step 4

The Networks menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Click Vodafone AU to expand this item, click in the box to enable Connect automatically, and then click Connect to connect to the internet.


The connection status will now change showing Connected and will also display approximate data usage for the session. Once connected you can now access and browse the internet.

Connection status

Viewing your account

Step 1

To access your Vodafone account information (such as billed data usage, invoices/credit, account settings, etc.) click on View account online from the home screen.

View account

Step 2

The My Vodafone website will open in your web browser.

Log in to your account using your My Vodafone username and password.

My Vodafone

Account messages

Getting account messages

If we send you a TXT message about your account or a temporary password for My Vodafone, you can view it by clicking the ‘Messages’ button in the bottom left corner.


Any TXT messages we've sent you will then appear on screen. 

View messages
Note: Only messages that we send you will show in the Messages inbox. If you need to receive or send other TXT messages using your mobile broadband service, see our support article.


Product and service info

Click Extras to see information about the latest internet products and services.

Vodafone website

Help and Support

Help & Support menu

On the right hand side of the app you’ll see a Help & Support section. Check below to find out what the different links do.

Help and support

Tips & Tricks

Here you’ll find handy hints like how to connect to mobile broadband.

Tips & Tricks


This section contains answers to frequently asked questions and has been designed to address common support related queries.


Contact Us

This section displays the many ways in which you can contact Vodafone. These include over the phone and online.

Contact us

Online Support

On this page you can search in Vodafone’s vast library of support articles. Simply just search for what it is you’re looking for.

Online support


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