Set up your phone for SMS

The message centre number needs to be set correctly in your phone so it can send TXT messages. If you accidently change or delete it, you'll no longer be able to send TXT.

What’s Vodafone’s message centre number?


How to check and change it

Most phones
  1. Go to your phone’s message settings and find the option for the message centre number. If you’re not sure how to get there, check our interactive user guides to see if we’ve got instructions for your phone. Once you’ve selected a phone, do a search for ‘text messaging,’ then select the 'Set your phone up for text messaging' link
  2. Make sure the message centre number is +61415011501
  1. Check your message centre number by dialling *#5005*7672#
  2. If the ‘Service Centre Address’ isn't +61415011501, dial **5005*7672*+61415011501# to set it to the correct one

Can't check or change your message centre number?
Some phones don’t have an option to easily set the message centre number.  Luckily this means there's no way to accidentally change it through the phone either, so it's unlikely you'll ever need to correct it.

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