Send and receive pictures from your phone

PXT allows you to send and receive messages containing pictures, sound files, animations, and text to other mobiles or email addresses. You might also know it as a MMS or multimedia message. 

What does PXT cost?

Rates for sending PXT can vary between plans, check the rates for your plan for detailed info.

How it works

  1. If you have a picture, video or sound stored on your phone that you'd like to share, you can send it as a PXT (MMS) message
  2. You're not charged for data, but to send and receive PXT, you need to have an active mobile data connection (not Wi-Fi).
  3. Your PXT can be sent to another mobile number or email address
  4. A single PXT message can include multiple picture, sound and animation files, so you can share the whole experience with friends
  5. You can also include text with your PXT, with more characters than a standard TXT message

Important info

  • PXT expire if they're not retrieved within a period of time. See our support article for more info
  • You may need to set up your phone before you can send a PXT. You can do this with our mobile phone configurator
  • Your phone needs to be MMS capable and a Vodafone approved mobile device to send and receive PXT
  • Make sure the recipient’s phone is capable of receiving a PXT. See our PXT troubleshooting guide for more information
  • The experience can be a little different when sending PXT overseas. See our support page sending and receiving international PXT for more info
  • Some phones have size limits for sending and receiving PXT. Check your phone’s user guide for more information

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