What is my bill cycle?

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When you connect with us, you’re assigned a day of the month as your bill cycle date. This is the day that your monthly billing period begins.

How is knowing it useful?

Understanding how your plan works
Some charges (your monthly plan for example) are aligned to your bill cycle date. Knowing when it begins and ends helps explain how your bill has been calculated, especially if you’re seeing pro rata or part-monthly charges.

Included value
Your plan’s included value is only available for you to use within your current bill cycle period and doesn’t carry over to the next.  Knowing your bill cycle date in combination with your remaining balance can help you get the most out of your plan or avoid exceeding it.

How do I check my bill cycle?

Bill cycle from My Vodafone
  • On your bill – Check the bill summary (usually on page 2). The dates listed in the ‘Period’ column for your Full Monthly Plans & Services show the start and end of your bill cycle. Eg. in the picture below the bill cycle starts on the 17th and ends on the 16th of the following month
Bill cycle on your bill

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