Beat Voicemail to your calls

Your phone will automatically be set to a 'medium' delay, or ring time, before going to Voicemail. You can change this to a longer or shorter time whenever you like

Here's how it works

  1. When someone calls you, your phone rings for a set period of time before going to Voicemail
  2. The default's 15 seconds worth of rings
  3. If you don't answer, Voicemail answers the call for you
  4. If the caller leaves a message, you'll get a notification
  5. You can change your ring time, making it longer or shorter

Change your ring time

Step 1

The delay can be ‘5’, ‘10’, ‘15’, ‘20’ or ‘25’ seconds.

Step 2

Dial the following, replacing <delay time> with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25:

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk +61414121000 Asterisk Asterisk <delay time> Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)

For example, to set your ring time to 25 seconds, enter:

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk +61414121000 Asterisk Asterisk 25 Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)

To type a '+', on most phones you'll need to either press and hold the key labelled with ‘+’ or press it twice quickly.

Step 3

Most phones will give you on-screen confirmation that the request has been successful.

Step 4

If you'd prefer not to have Voicemail connected, you can switch Voicemail off through your phone.

Important info

  • If you've got a roaming mailbox connected, you'll need to use your personalised mailbox number in place of '+61414121000', in Step 2. If you're not sure what your mailbox number is, you can check on My Vodafone or give us a call anytime
  • Charges apply for calls to 121 for Voicemail. For details check your plan info

Did you know

You can also change your ring time through My Vodafone

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