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  1. How to get a replacement SIM card

    Tags: SIM swap

    If you've lost or damaged your SIM, had it stolen or just purchased a new phone, you can organise a replacement SIM and keep the same mobile number. Replacements are available ...

  2. How to activate your replacement SIM card

    Tags: SIM swap

    This article will show you how to activate your replacement SIM if you have an existing service with Vodafone.

  3. Loan phones and repairs

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    If you are putting your phone to be fixed, we may be able to loan you a phone to keep connected while it's in for repair.

  4. Can’t send TXT messages

    Tags: Messaging

    If you can’t send TXT messages to another phone, there may be several reasons why. You can use this article to troubleshoot the issue. If you can't send TXT (also known as ...

  5. Emergency Alerts

    Tags: General information

    Be warned. Be informed. The Emergency Alert system sends you a TXT or leaves a voicemail on your landline when there's an emergency near you or your service address (that's th ...

  6. Samsung Galaxy S4 Cat 3 (GT-I9505) - KitKat 4.4.2 Maintenance Release

    Tags: Galaxy, Software

    Samsung have released the KitKat 4.4.2 Maintenance Release software update for the Galaxy S4 Cat 3. If you’re looking to install it, or find out more, check this article for a ...

  7. International roaming troubleshooting guide

    Tags: International roaming

    Network or service difficulties. This troubleshooting guide provides some basic troubleshooting steps for you to take if you are unable to make or receive calls or TXT when ro ...

  8. How to recharge on a Vodafone Mini Cap

    Tags: Prepaid

    If your last recharge was on the Vodafone Prepaid Cap, you can top up with a Vodafone Mini Cap to give you some extra calls, TXT and data for either 1 or 3 days.

  9. HTC One (M7) - Android 4.4.3 Software Update

    Tags: HTC, Software

    Info and instructions on how to download the maintenance release for HTC One (M7)

  10. Sony Xperia Z3

    Tags: Xperia

    Want to know how to get the Xperia Z3? Already got one and need some help? Check out this page for some handy links.