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  1. Unable to send emails

    Tags: Email

    If you can’t send email out from your POP3 or IMAP email account, the steps in this guide will help you to set the Vodafone outgoing SMTP mail server for sending email. This ...

  2. Plans that work with $5 Roaming

    Tags: International roaming

    If you’re looking to use your plan with $5 Roaming, you’ll need to be on eligible plan and opt in before you head overseas. Check out this page for a list of plan that work wi ...

  3. How to turn mobile data access off or on

    Tags: Settings

    If you need to switch off data on your phone or tablet, so that it cannot access the internet, check this article for instructions.

  4. Managing data usage on mobile broadband

    Tags: Billing, Mobile broadband

    Do you use a Pocket WiFi or USB modem and want to keep your data usage down? Follow these tips to help prevent unwanted surprises on your mobile broadband bill.

  5. Manage data usage on your phone

    Tags: Mobile internet services

    If you’re trying to avoid burning through your data, wondering where it all went or what to know what options you’ve got if you need a bit more, check out this article.

  6. Talk International Add-on

    Tags: IDD, Packs

    If you’re on a monthly billed plan you can get a Talk International Add-on for extra minutes to call from Australia to 23 popular overseas destinations.

  7. Premium SMS

    Tags: Messaging

    Premium SMS are charged at a higher rate than standard SMS messages to pay for a product or service. They're typically used to charge for TV voting, competition entry, SMS cha ...

  8. Recharge your prepaid service with PayPal

    Tags: Prepaid, Recharge

    With PayPal, you can recharge your prepaid phone or mobile broadband service online using your bank account, credit card, debit card or money sitting in your PayPal account.

  9. Changing your prepaid offer

    Tags: Prepaid, Recharge

    You can change from one prepaid plan to another anytime you recharge. If you’re recharging with a voucher it’s important to buy the right voucher to get the offer you want.

  10. How is data usage charged?

    Tags: Mobile internet services, Billing

    Not all providers charge the same way for data use so if you’d like to know how we do things at Vodafone, check out this article.