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  1. Managing data usage on mobile broadband

    Tags: Billing, Mobile broadband

    Do you use a Pocket WiFi or USB modem and want to keep your data usage down? Follow these tips to help prevent unwanted surprises on your mobile broadband bill.

  2. Suspending your contract

    Tags: Accounts and billing

    Put your plan on hold for a short period by requesting a suspension. There are a few rules around suspending your contract, so check out this article for all the details.

  3. Recording or changing your Voicemail greeting

    Tags: Voicemail

    Want to change what your callers hear when they get diverted to your Voicemail? You can change your greetings whenever you want and can also record different ones for when you ...

  4. What is My Vodafone?

    Tags: My Vodafone

    My Vodafone is our online account management tool. You can use it to make changes to your account and view account info using your phone, computer or tablet. It's available on ...

  5. Set up a direct debit online

    Tags: My Vodafone, Payment, Direct debit, Billing

    Setting up direct debit takes the worry out of remembering to pay your Vodafone bill. You can choose to set up a direct debit from your bank account or credit card. Your paym ...

  6. Current number transfer delays

    Tags: General information, Changing your number

    MNP, or mobile number portability allows you to move your number between networks. There are a lot of factors involved in the transfer, or porting, of your number, including ...

  7. Selected store offers

    Tags: Pricing and Plans, General information

    Right now selected stores across the country will are offering some great deals when you connect to the $50 SIM only plan or when you sign up to a contract on our Red or Mobil ...

  8. International call charges on your bill

    Tags: IDD, Billing

    Got international calling charges on your bill? Find out what it is, how it's charged and how you can reduce your costs.

  9. Connecting a Talk International Add-on

    Tags: IDD, Packs

    If you’re on a monthly billed plan, add a Talk International Add-on for extra minutes to call from Australia to 23 popular overseas destinations. The pack also gives you disco ...

  10. Moving from prepaid to a postpaid account

    Tags: Pricing and Plans, Account management

    Interested in transferring from Vodafone prepaid to a postpaid monthly billed account? Here's how to make the switch.