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  1. Recording or changing your Voicemail greeting

    Tags: Voicemail

    SUPPORT PAGE: Want to change what your callers hear when they get diverted to your Voicemail? You can change your greetings whenever you want and can also record different one ...

  2. How to change your Voicemail time zone setting

    Tags: Voicemail

    SUPPORT PAGE: You can easily adjust the time zone setting for your Voicemail, so your Voicemail times match the local time. Voicemail message bank can be updated to match too.

  3. Change your voicemail security code

    Tags: Voicemail

    SUPPORT PAGE: Voicemail gives you the convenience of never missing a message. The voicemail security code helps to keep your messages private and secure, letting you access yo ...

  4. Get your Voicemail from another phone

    Tags: Voicemail

    Find how to retrieve your voicemail from a phone other than your own mobile. You'll need your voicemail security code when calling from another phone. Voice mail message bank ...

  5. How to use Voicemail when international roaming

    Tags: Voicemail, International roaming

    Have your calls diverted to Voicemail while you're roaming, allowing you to still receive voice messages while overseas. There are a number of ways to configure your Voicemai ...

  6. The 2G network

    Tags: Coverage

    Find out more about our 2G network, with a particular focus on those of you using a 3G or 4G device.

  7. Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone

    Tags: Pocket WiFi

    Most smartphones have a ‘hotspot’ feature that lets you share its mobile internet connection over Wi-Fi with devices like laptops and tablets. Find out how to switch it on. Te ...

  8. What is tethering?

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets, Settings

    Tethering lets you connect your other devices to your phone or tablet, to allow access the internet for computers and other Wi-Fi devices. This could be over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ...

  9. National Roaming troubleshooting guide

    Tags: National roaming

    Experiencing network issues while connected to National Roaming? Or are you unable to connect to National Roaming at all? Check out this page for a list of common issues and s ...

  10. Getting started with the Pocket WiFi

    Tags: Pocket WiFi

    If you've just got yourself a Pocket WiFi, check out this article to find out how to set it up and get your Wi-Fi compatible devices connected to the internet.