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  1. What is the difference between mobile internet and mobile broadband?

    Tags: Mobile internet services, Mobile broadband

    Find out what mobile internet is, how it can be used and how it differs from mobile broadband.

  2. Prepaid Mobile Internet Add-on

    Tags: Packs, Prepaid

    Need more data for your prepaid phone? Get an Internet Essentials add-on using your credit card or by buying a recharge voucher. You can use the data for web-surfing, apps, em ...

  3. About mobile internet

    Tags: Mobile internet services

    This page explains what mobile internet is, how it works including 3G, 2G and data speeds information and how it is charged including uploading and downloading from the intern ...

  4. How to check the remaining data for your Data Add-on

    Tags: Packs, My Vodafone, Billing

    This article explains how to check your remaining data balance if you have added a mobile internet data pack to your postpaid or prepaid service. The same applies if you've a ...

  5. Understanding your data entitlements in My Vodafone

    Tags: Packs, My Vodafone

    If the names we’ve used to describe your data entitlements in My Vodafone don’t make sense, check this article to clear things up.

  6. How to add a Data Add-on to your postpaid account

    Tags: Packs, Postpaid

    If you need more data each month, you can add a mobile internet pack to your phone plan.

  7. FaceTime for Apple

    Tags: Apple

    Find out about video calling on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

  8. Manage data usage on your phone

    Tags: Mobile internet services

    If you’re trying to avoid burning through your data, wondering where it all went or what to know what options you’ve got if you need a bit more, check out this article.

  9. Vodafone Mobile TV is no longer available

    Tags: Vodafone Central

    The Mobile TV service accessed through Vodafone Central will no longer be available from the 15th of June, 2013.

  10. Suspending your contract

    Tags: Accounts and billing

    Put your plan on hold for a short period by requesting a suspension. There are a few rules around how to suspend, so check out this article for all the details.