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  1. The difference between mobile internet and mobile broadband

    Tags: Mobile internet services, Mobile broadband

    Find out what mobile internet is, how it can be used and how it differs from mobile broadband.

  2. About mobile internet

    Tags: Mobile internet services

    This page explains what mobile internet is, how it works (including EDGE, 2G, 3G, 4G, and data speed information. How it's charged, including uploading and downloading. Data p ...

  3. How to check the balance of your Data Add-on

    Tags: Packs, My Vodafone, Billing

    If you've got a Data Add-on, here's how to check the balance. You can also check the balance of a booster if you've added one to your monthly plan.

  4. Add a Data Add-on to your plan

    Tags: Packs, Postpaid

    If you need more data than your phone or mobile broadband plan includes, adding a recurring Data Add-on will help you get more out of your smartphone and avoid excess data cha ...

  5. Why is my internet slow sometimes?

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    There are a whole heap of different things that can affect your mobile internet speed so you might see things load faster or slower on different occasions. Run through the gui ...

  6. Prepaid Data Add-on

    Tags: Packs, Prepaid

    Need more data for your prepaid phone? Buy a a Data Add-on to give you more data for web-surfing, apps, email, tethering or anything else you like. Prepaid internet add-on.

  7. Setting up internet on your phone or tablet

    Tags: Settings

    If you need instructions or settings to set up the internet on your phone or tablet, check this article for more information.

  8. Tracking your phone or tablet over the internet

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    Left your smartphone or tablet somewhere and don’t know where it is? Most devices have some inbuilt features to help you remotely track its location on a map, make it ring, lo ...

  9. Home phone, ADSL, and NBN internet

    Tags: Pricing and Plans

    Though we don’t offer landline, ADSL or NBN phone and internet services, we do have a wide range of mobile phone and mobile broadband products on monthly-billed (postpaid) and ...

  10. Unable to connect to the internet using Pocket WiFi

    Tags: Pocket WiFi

    If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your device to your Pocket WiFi, run through this troubleshooting checklist for a solution.