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  1. Can’t log into My Vodafone

    Tags: My Vodafone

    Whether you’ve forgotten your My Vodafone password or you’re just having trouble logging in, check this guide for a solution. We’ll take you through the steps to troubleshoot ...

  2. Introducing the My Vodafone app

    Tags: Apps, My Vodafone

    By downloading the My Vodafone app for your Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows device, you can easily keep track of your usage, manage your account as well as find help and supp ...

  3. How to change your My Vodafone password

    Tags: My Vodafone

    Use My Vodafone to view your bill, change your mobile settings, manage your spend, and manage your account online when it suits you. My Vodafone allows you to change your acc ...

  4. My Vodafone automatic login

    Tags: My Vodafone

    The My Vodafone website and My Vodafone app for iPhone, iPad and Android can automatically log you into your account without you needing to enter your mobile number and passwo ...

  5. What is My Vodafone?

    Tags: My Vodafone

    What's My Vodafone? You get access to manage your account online using your computer, tablet or phone. A self service account management tool, allowing you to access you pers ...

  6. Check your data usage using My Vodafone

    Tags: My Vodafone, Billing

    You can check how much data you've used, and got left, by logging into My Vodafone.

  7. Register for My Vodafone

    Tags: My Vodafone

    Registering for My Vodafone means you can manage your Vodafone account from anywhere. You can use it do things like keep track of your usage, change account settings, pay your ...

  8. Changes to My Vodafone

    Tags: My Vodafone

    We’ve changed its look and feel and added some handy new features to make it easier for you to manage your account online.

  9. Switching off Voicemail through My Vodafone

    Tags: Voicemail, My Vodafone

    If you don’t want your calls to divert to Voicemail, you can turn off diversions to it by logging in to My Vodafone, our online account management system. Voice mail message ...

  10. Manage outgoing Caller ID using My Vodafone

    Tags: Call Services

    Caller ID is enabled when you first connect with us so your number will show up on the screen of the phone you’re calling. You can turn it off or on through My Vodafone.