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  1. Full Monthly Plans & Services charges on your bill

    Tags: Accounts and billing

    Seen a charge under the Full Monthly Plans & Services heading on your bill and not sure what it is? Check this guide and find out.

  2. Change your plan online

    Tags: My Vodafone, SIM Only, Postpaid

    If you're billed monthly you can use My Vodafone to compare plans and submit a plan change online.

  3. Plans that work with $5 Roaming

    Tags: International roaming

    If you’re looking to use your plan with $5 Roaming, you’ll need to be on eligible plan and opt in before you head overseas. Check out this page for a list of plan that work wi ...

  4. Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) charges on your bill

    Tags: Accounts and billing

    Got a Mobile Payment Plan charge on your bill? Find out what it is and how it's billed.

  5. Plans, contracts and postpaid

    Tags: Pricing and Plans

    Contracts, plans and postpaid. What's the difference? 12 months, 24 months and month-to-month SIM Only. They're all plans/contracts/postpaid.

  6. Archived plans

    Tags: Accounts and billing, Pricing and Plans

    Plans that we used to offer but are no longer available for new or existing customers to change to are called archived plans. If you’re on one, you’re welcome to stay on it an ...

  7. Part Monthly Plans & Services

    Tags: Billing

    Have you seen Part Monthly Plans & Services mentioned on your bill and don't know what it's for? Check out this page for info.

  8. Where do I find info about my plan?

    Tags: Pricing and Plans, My Vodafone

    You can find details about your plan inclusions, exclusions and call rates through My Vodafone. There are a couple of other places on the website where you'll find plan info t ...

  9. Add a one-off Data Booster to your plan

    Tags: SIM Only, Postpaid

    Adding a one-off Data Booster to your monthly billed plan gives you an extra 1GB of data to see you through til your next bill cycle. They’re a one-off purchase and any unused ...

  10. How to apply for a Mobile Payment Plan (MPP)

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets, Payment

    MPP is an interest free and fee free way of paying for a new phone, modem or tablet in instalments. MPP is available to both new and existing postpaid customers.