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  1. Switching from postpaid to prepaid

    Tags: Accounts and billing

    If you’re a Vodafone postpaid customer and want to transfer to prepaid, take a look at this article for more information.

  2. Recharging your prepaid phone service

    Tags: Recharge

    Find out all the different ways you can top up a prepaid phone service on Vodafone.

  3. Data Add-ons for prepaid

    Tags: Packs, Prepaid

    Need more data for your prepaid phone? Buy a Data Add-on to give you more data for web-surfing, apps, email, tethering or anything else you like. Prepaid internet add-on.

  4. Changing your prepaid offer

    Tags: Prepaid, Recharge

    You can change from one prepaid plan to another anytime you recharge. If you’re recharging with a voucher it’s important to buy the right voucher to get the offer you want.

  5. How to view your prepaid usage details

    Tags: My Vodafone, Prepaid

    If you’re on prepaid you can use My Vodafone to view information about your outgoing calls and messages, data usage, Premium SMS and Content Purchases from the last 60 days. C ...

  6. Choosing the right prepaid recharge voucher

    Tags: Recharge

    If you’re not sure what value prepaid voucher you need to choose to get the prepaid offer you want, follow this guide for more information.

  7. What happens to my prepaid service if I don’t recharge?

    Tags: Recharge

    If you don’t recharge your prepaid account, your service will be disconnected after a period of time. Check this article for more info.

  8. Recharging your prepaid mobile broadband service

    Tags: Prepaid, Mobile broadband, Recharge

    It’s easy to recharge your prepaid mobile broadband account and stay connected to the web - you can add more data online, by TXT, over the phone, at a store, or by buying and ...

  9. Pocket WiFi - getting started on prepaid mobile broadband

    Tags: Huawei, Prepaid, Mobile broadband

    If you’ve just bought a prepaid mobile broadband starter pack for a Pocket WiFi find out how to set it up and get connected to the web.

  10. Getting started with Vodafone Prepaid

    Tags: Prepaid

    Getting a prepaid service, and starting to use it is easy! Here we explain what you'll need to do.