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  1. Usage summary charges on your bill

    Tags: Billing

    Have you seen something in the usage summary of your bill and don't know what it's for? Find out what it is, how it's charged, and how you can reduce your costs.

  2. Using your existing modem with Vodafone

    Tags: Settings

    If you've purchased a modem through another provider and want to use it with us, here's how to set it up to work with our network.

  3. Call types and codes

    Tags: Billing

    If you’ve checked your usage on My Vodafone or your bill and aren't sure what the codes mean, check this article for more info.

  4. How to view your usage details

    Tags: My Vodafone, Billing

    View individual usage details on your monthly billed account through My Vodafone. You'll have access to your current (unbilled) and previous (billed) details.

  5. Start time of usage records

    Tags: Billing

    The start times of national calls are recorded in the local time of where the usage originated. NSW time is used for messages, data (both national and international roaming) a ...

  6. Network status page

    Tags: Network status

    You can check here to see if there have been any recent unplanned or planned major network outages around Australia

  7. Apple iOS Carrier Settings Update

    Tags: Apple, Software

    Apple are releasing a carrier setting update for iOS which will change some settings in your phone or tablet. Check out this article for further information and troubleshootin ...

  8. Deactivating iMessage if you’re switching from iPhone

    Tags: Apple

    If you switch to a non-Apple phone from an iPhone, you need to turn off iMessage to make sure you still get TXT and PXT from your iPhone-using friends.

  9. What to expect on your bill when you upgrade

    Tags: Billing

    If you’ve upgraded your service and your plan has been changed part way through your billing cycle, check this guide to find out what to expect on your bill.

  10. Community service numbers

    Tags: General information

    A number of community service numbers (including Lifeline, Red Cross and Barnados) are able to be called free from your Vodafone mobile.