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  1. Track my order and delivery information

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    Whether you're upgrading or have just purchased a new phone, tablet or modem, you can track online to find out when your package will be delivered if we're posting or courieri ...

  2. Nokia Lumia 625

    Tags: Lumia

    Looking to buy one? Already got one and need some help? This article has some handy links to help you find what you’re after.

  3. Identity fraud

    Tags: General information, Account management

    Idenity fraud is when someone has fraudulently used your identity to sign up for or upgrade a mobile service with Vodafone. If you’re the victim of identity fraud, there are s ...

  4. WAP settings

    Tags: Mobile internet services

    Get WAP settings for your phone to configure it to access the internet, and use data services.

  5. I can’t register my Prepaid Starter Kit

    Tags: Prepaid

    If you're having trouble registering your prepaid starter pack SIM online or by calling the number on the packaging, give us a call on 1800 066 000. Your phone may show 'SIM c ...

  6. Mobile phone security tips

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    Security tips to ensure that your phone remains in your possession. If you're concerned with theft, or your device being stolen you might like to consider taking out insurance ...

  7. Keep up with the latest new tablet and phone launches on Vodafone

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets

    Want to be among the first to find out when a new phone or tablet is available? Are you keen to buy or pre-order something that's coming soon? Keep up to date on when the new ...

  8. Who to contact about your insurance

    Tags: Insurance

    We can help you with your Vodafone Cover me Mobile insurance policy. Contact Vodafone, March, ACE or check the disclosure statement and financial services guide, here.

  9. Block and unblock TXT messages using GSM codes

    Tags: Call Services, Messaging

    You can use GSM codes to control your phone's ability to send and receive TXT. SMS text.

  10. iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

    Tags: Warranty, iPhone 5

    Apple have set up a battery replacement program to fix battery issues occurring on a very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices sold between September 2012 and January 2013.