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  1. Backing up your phone

    Tags: Phones modems and tablets, General information

    Keeping your phone backed up means you can recover contacts, messages, calendar items, photos, videos and other personal info if you lose your phone or it gets damaged.

  2. How to change your account PIN

    Tags: My Vodafone

    Your account enquiry PIN is used to protect your account. You're able to change your PIN / passcode / password any time through My Vodafone, online.

  3. Transfer data from your old BlackBerry to a new one

    Tags: BlackBerry

    Here's a quick guide to help you switch over to your new BlackBerry in a a flash.

  4. Backing up your iPhone using iCloud

    Tags: General information, Apple, Settings

    You can make a full back up of your phone using cloud storage. This article will show you how.

  5. Add a Data Add-on to your plan

    Tags: Packs, Postpaid

    If you need more data than your phone or mobile broadband plan includes, adding a recurring Data Add-on will help you get more out of your smartphone and avoid excess data cha ...

  6. Current number transfer delays

    Tags: General information, Changing your number

    MNP, or mobile number portability allows you to move your number between networks. There are a lot of factors involved in the transfer, or porting, of your number, including ...

  7. Managing Vodafone Alerts

    Tags: SIM Only, Postpaid

    Vodafone Alerts help keep you informed of your usage throughout the month, sending you an email or TXT update when you’ve used 50%, 85% and 100% of your included usage. They'r ...

  8. How to check the balance of your Data Add-on

    Tags: Packs, My Vodafone, Billing

    If you've got a Data Add-on, here's how to check the balance. You can also check the balance of a booster if you've added one to your monthly plan.

  9. Vodafone Red

    Tags: Pricing and Plans, International roaming

    Heard of Vodafone Red but not sure what it's all about? Have a look through our FAQs for all the info.

  10. Add a one-off Data Booster to your plan

    Tags: SIM Only, Postpaid

    Adding a one-off Data Booster to your monthly billed plan gives you an extra 1GB of data to see you through til your next bill cycle. They’re a one-off purchase and any unused ...