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  1. What’s the difference between cellular data and WiFi?

    Tags: Accounts and billing, Pricing and Plans, Phones modems and tablets, Mobile internet services

    To make the most of the data that comes with your recharge or plan it’s important to know the difference between WiFi and cellular data and what they mean for you

  2. Current number transfer delays

    Tags: General information, Changing your number

    MNP, or mobile number portability allows you to move your number between networks. There are a lot of factors involved in the transfer, or porting, of your number, including ...

  3. Warning: Fraudulent SMS Circulating

    Tags: General information

    We’d like to alert you to an SMS scam doing the rounds.

  4. How to buy games, music and ringtones through our website

    Tags: Call Services, Accounts and billing, General information

    Find out how to get your hands on the latest games, music on ringtones through our website

  5. Pro rata billing

    Tags: Billing

    If your plan or other monthly billed services haven’t been connected for the full month of your billing cycle, we charge you according to the number of days they were connecte ...

  6. Vodafone Network in Regional Areas

    Tags: Network

    In June 2013 we activated over 1200 new sites across regional Australia as part of our regional network rollout. Find out where it's available, how to access it and more. Voda ...

  7. Moving numbers between different billing accounts

    Tags: Billing, Account management

    If you’ve got two or more numbers on your account you can choose to have them go on one bill or have them billed separately.

  8. International roaming – while you’re overseas

    Tags: International roaming

    Here's some handy info for when you've touched down overseas, and are roaming with your phone.

  9. Do Not Disturb on iPhone

    Tags: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5

    The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on iPhone or iPad (on iOS 6+) lets you temporarily block incoming calls and silence notifications (including for messages) when you want some peac ...

  10. How can I stop all of my calls going to Voicemail

    Tags: Voicemail

    If all of your calls are going to Voicemail (your phone isn't ringing), here's how to fix it. It's probably because all of your calls are set to divert to voicemail. Voice ma ...